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Wednesday, 1 November 2017


☆ MAKE it BLESS From a LOAD. ☆


Life is a journey of life that we must pass while we are all still in Your Journey of Life, Wherever You Go and Wherever You Are and Whatever the Condition and the Situation, 2 It Always Gives You.

BLESSING AND LOADS, Often we All interpret it In our own way, and Mostly we judge it from the Human Viewpoint only. If we look from the side of the CREATOR be sure the results are different.Let's Try to Understand This, Think and Find Its Meaning Create Us in Positive Understanding, So We Can Further Understand the Meaning of Gratitude.

➕ If one gets a big house, it is BLESS.

➖ But have to clean it, it is LOADS.

➕ If a person has a baby, it is BLESS.

➖ But to get up at midnight, it is LOADS.

➕ If a person achieves a high degree, it is BLESS.

➖ But must study hard, it is LOADS.

➕ If we get a perfect healing, it is BLESS.

➖ But care must be taken care of his health, it is LOADS.

▪ BLESS & LOAD is a package that can not be separated.

We can not only ask for Blessings without the burden.

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If we focus our attention on LOADS, then we never feel the BLOOD.

The burden will Make you forget the Greatest Blessings in your life.then do not let the Burden continue in your life.tell yourself that LOAD is an issue that will help you that BLESSING is a very Special thing in your life.

☆ But if we focus our attention on the BERKAT we will receive,

then we will feel light to bear the LOADS.

Remember that the LOAD we carry will not exceed our power.

All the problems we face will be hard if we look at it from the problem, but if we see it from the side of the benefits that we will get (Positive Advantages) from the burden / problem we will make it enthusiasm for us to do it.then Look at all your problems in terms of its Benefits, Do Your Work with Joy.

⚙ Therefore ......

_ * Be thankful every day, because every day is a Blessing. *

Gratitude will make us always smile, Gratitude brings us to throw the burden of the problems we face, Make the environment around us always think positive.a sense of gratitude will have an impact on the environment around us and wherever we are to enjoy the work / tasks assigned to you, bringing you into Creative that can create useful works.

Continue to Be Grateful for the Breath of Life the LORD Gives, Thankful to the Parents - Brothers, Friends and Your Friends.

Never To Stop Gratitude and Smile Always for the Best Things in your life.

Morning spirit,

Healthy Always Make AnDa and Keep Sharing For Everyone.

✝ GBU ✝.


By.creative Inspirational

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